A business where sweetness is home

Lazzarini S.p.A. story is a family story. An italian story, one you could once tell many.

A story of Bergamo, about honest people, in love with their "job", about people who ignored terms such as "business plan" and "strategic skills", but that today's managers refer more than what they think. The story of Lazzarini S.p.a. starts in Bergamo in 1980, when Marino Lazzarini, grandfather of the current owner with the same name Marino Lazzarini, decides to make of food the trade of a lifetime and create a promising enterprise specialized in food trade. At the death of its founder, the plan, already being extended, passes into the hands of his son Giuseppe, for many years an active collaborator in the management of the family business; next to him his wife, still director of the shop in Bergamo. After few years the transformation takes place in the company regarding its sphere of commercial operation: the specialization in the wholesale of sweets.

Between 1970 and 1990 LAZZARINI INGROSSO DOLCIUMI gives life to the Lazzarini Group. In addition to LAZZARINI INGROSSO DOLCIUMI other companies (of which Giuseppe Lazzarini was president) become part of the group: MO-FRA Srl , commercializing products of Barilla Mulino Bianco and Dolber SpA: company specialized in import-export of confectionery products of own production and not, on the whole national territory. In the '90s, finally, through the merger of LAZZARINI INGROSSO DOLCIUMI and MO-FRA Srl, the current Lazzarini S.p.A . was created. In the meanwhile, RAVAZZI SpA was added to the the group, a company that produces chewy candy with a production plant highly innovative. In the new century, Lazzarini spa, still guided by Marino Lazzarini, implements its distribution power ushering in a new place of over 10,000 square meters and cutting-edge technologies used mainly for capacity-logical distribution.

Sweet and food distribution

10.000 square meters with a wide range of all brands' products.

Lazzarini S.p.a. employs a large sales force that operates on Bergamo province and some neighboring provinces, with a widespread distribution of more than 16.0000 products that the company distributes in various market sectors. Thanks to the new logistics-distribution, cutting-edge technologies and highly qualified staff, the delivery times are reduced to about 48 hours from the date of acquisition orders. Lazzarini S.p.a. sells all the latest products in the industry, thus ensuring a prompt response to all the requests of the market, and every six months RAVAZZI launches two / three types of chewy candy with new shape, color or flavor.

Lazzarini has developed a sales network of 190 retail stores specialized in the self-service sale of candies in the major shopping centers, pedestrian areas, town centers and parks. Lazzarini's shops enjoy a specialized and experienced service, which begins with the assistance in choosing the most suitable place where to start the business, through the purchase of furniture and advices on the determination of the products to sale; to an accurate service for customers providing orders every 15 days and delivery within 5/6 days in Italy.

Over the years, Lazzarini has signed trade agreements with leading groups in various sectors.

Over the years, the Group has developed trade agreements with various groups and sectors for the development and the sale of confectionery products and not, including:


Founded in 1980, Dolber is a leading manufacturer of candy "stick" and marketing of confectionery products all over the country. Since 1989 Dolber is exclusive distributor of products for national and foreign producers in Italy who do not have a structure geared to "normal trade". In 1994 Dolber expands its offer with the line of gummy candies brand Ravazzi, a historic confectionary company that became part of the Group Lazzarini. In 2001, in collaboration with a Japanese company, Dolber realized, first in Europe, the innovative candy, sugar free, XFresh, so thin that could dissolve on the tongue. Dolber uses an operating center of 5000 square meters with 2500 square meters of warehouses, 600 linear meters of shelving, for a storage capacity of 1,800 pallets. With their deposits Dolber directly serves a customer base of 15,000 retailers to which must be added 13,500 other retailers achieved by agents dealers, plus 30,000 retailers serviced by 700 wholesalers.


Historical confectionery company, Ravazzi joined Lazzarini Group at the end of the 90s. In recent years Ravazzi has concentrated its efforts in technological renovation of production facilities in order to keep abreast of market demands. The great business growth is confirmed in the new headquarters, a prestigious art facility in the manufacturing process, able to offer increasingly higher quality standards at competitive costs. Ravazzi offers a wide range of products, in particular in the field of candy "SOFT GUMMY"; to "lozenges" historic strength of the company, joined new specialties such as the "SOFT" gummy, the "BLACKS" flavored and stuffed with licorice, the "JELLY", fruit and, true innovations in the market, the brand new "FILLED" gummy candies filled with fruit flavor liquid, Ravazzi also offers a "Private Label" service for major international companies. Great attention is paid to the packaging, an important vehicle for efficiency and corporate image. Bags, cans, counter display ... all packs are characterized by style, vibrancy and originality.


Laszzarini is affiliated to Dolcitalia, of which Marino Lazzarini is president, national pool of more than 400 wholesalers in charge of managing and developing synergies among the members proposing new forms of business growth and management that increase the "performances" of the market for both the members themselves both on purchases and sales.

Why Dolcitalia:

- It's a group of distributors present so widespread throughout the national territory
- It's the qualified professional and reliable partner for your business
- It's the company that provides personalized services to industry and trade
- It's the most efficient way to deliver and make your product visible wherever you want
- It's the solution to invest in the normal trade with all the flexibility of a sales and distribution structure modern and reliable
- It meets all the requirements of assortment with thousands of references immediately available
- With its sales force it provides a valuable consulting service to the customer
- It offers good information support for your business strategies
- It's the reference for organized wholesale of confectionery

Our clients

Dolcitalia is the national leader in distribution of products in bar channel.
The distribution channels to which we apply consist mostly in:

Bar and tobacco over 110,000 shops
Food stores 56.000 shops
Mini-market 20.000 shops
And several thousand traditional retail outlets.